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When placing orders with us, please keep in mind that us band members are the only one's who handle the orders, and we all live busy lives outside of Rum Rebellion thats filled with work and family. It may take awhile for us to package and ship your order. If you have not recieved your order in 2-3 weeks after the order is placed, please send us an e-mail and we will respond with the orders status.

There is a $10 minimum purchase requirement for all order's...
This is to prevent us from having to ship out a single pin or patch. Please order a t-shirt or bandana also if you wish to purchase a patch or pin. Thanks for your understanding!

We only do the special order RR Hoodies once a year during the holidays. The cut off time this year to place your pre-order is 11:59pm, December 1st. Your pre-order once placed, will not be shipped until December 10th. Shipping is included in the hoodie's price displayed on this site. If you order more than just a hoodie, there will be shipping attached to each item (see below) and the whole order won't be shipped until December 10th to minimize shipping costs.

Each item has its own shipping price added at checkout.
Here is the shipping costs that will be added to each item:

Patches + $1
Pins + $1
T-Shirts + $5
Hat's + $5
Bandana's + $2
Hoodies + $0

(Hoodie shipping is included in the listed price)

Once we recieve your order, we will get a shipping quote from the post office, then we will send you a PayPal money request for the amount. Once we recieve the full amount for the merchandise + shipping, we will then ship your order.