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Wake up at 6AM every fucking day
Feeding my family means I work my life away
Each day just like the next and like the one before
A feeling in my gut keeps saying that living should mean more

Freedom’s a myth to me
Capitalist society
Is this way life’s supposed to be?
Cuz this is like living in hell

Time to take back what is ours, time to even up the score
Raise your fists up in the air cuz we know what we’re fighting for
Like Robin Hood with an angry mob, we’re coming to your town
Light the torch and fan the flames as we burn that fucker down

Slowly we wake to find our fears taking control
Overstressed and undersexed and poor and tired and old
Working sixty hours a week is no way for a man to live
I’m pissed off at this bullshit world, something’s gotta give

Rich man guzzles his champagne
While I’m cold and hungry in the rain
Existence has turned to pain
Let’s rise up and bust out of this cell

Justice and equality are nowhere to be found
Proudly wave the stars and stripes while the poor are beaten down
Stand up with the working class, we’re done taking this shit
Level the playing field stone by stone, bit by bit

Pipe bombs and baseball bats
Bricks and rocks or your favorite axe
Fists and boots will break the back
Of the system we all know too well

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