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Punk rock kids are fucking out of control
Disgraceful filthy hooligans degrading society
I said “Fuck right off with your bullshit opinions”
Who the fuck do you think you are
To tell us how to live and think and be

Punk and proud ‘til the day I die, yeah
Fighting your authority
Punk and proud ‘til the day I die, yeah
A threat to your society

When you walk down the street you’re a fucking suspect
The cops and the stiffs don’t like who you are cuz they think you’re a freak
Gonna drink under bridges and play shows in the park
Guess they’ll never understand
Cuz punk rock is not what you see on TV


Punk is not a fashion, punk is not a trend
Punk’s a fucking way of life we’re living ‘til the end


Punk and proud and living free
A threat to your society

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