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Morning, just another day
Another chance to piss your life away
Lace up your shoes and head out the door
Unsure of what you’re living for

Working at some retail shop
Arrive on time and you punch the clock
When you’re done you just watch TV
And ignore the bullshit that you see

Will you watch the world just go to shit?
Are you gonna stand up and do something ‘bout it?
This apathy is all ‘round me
When I open my eyes, that’s all I see

Nazi fucks and business suits
Inbred hicks in cowboy boots
Brainwashed clones with credit cards
Embrace the system, don’t think too hard

Fuck you and your bullshit life
Of indifference and selfish pride
We know that there’s a better way
Gonna tighten up, then we’ll make you fucking pay


Stand up, you punx and skins
Stand up, you hooligans
Get off your ass, get fucking pissed
Get on the street and raise your fist

Struggle and break the mold
Be unified and strong and bold
So punx and skins, it’s one for all
We’ll stand together or we’ll fall

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