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Written by the Hammered Grunts
(B. Wilder, T. Thompson)

Work really hard for the good things in life
You think you have balance but your job fucking owns you
401K, Roth IRA
Youíll be fucking dead before you ever get them

Sacrifice for your goals
Get back up and get knocked back down again
Wanna give up, wanna throw in the towel
Get back up and get knocked back down again
Try and stay focused, how much should I give
Get back up and get knocked back down again
Youíre working yourself straight to death

Nothing is free, Iíll agree with you there
Theyíve taken your life, what else can you give them
Dangle that paycheck in front of your eyes
Now we fucking own you, so shut the fuck up!

Get off just in time to go back to work
Your time off the clock is always subject to change
Prosperity! Security!
Whatís it all worth for a life based in hell


You're getting violent, youíre scared of yourself
Crossing that line, soon you will break
Go back to a life of just getting by
Not much of a life but at least you have one

Sick with disgust at what youíve become
You can life your own life without compromise
Walk into that office, tell your boss to fuck off
Itís time to stand up, take your life for your own!


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