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I am a man of thirty-six years upon this earth
I first tasted whiskey not long after my birth
A remedy for teething to numb away the pain
And ever since then Iíve had whiskey on the brain

And when I was fifteen I started in to drink
I took a shot or ten then I threw up in the sink
But, no that didnít stop me, no it only urged me on
It started me down the path singing this song

Drink Ďtil I, drink Ďtil I, drink Ďtil I drop
Never should, never could, never will I stop
Itís been with me thru misery, thru suffering and thru strife
So pour me some whiskey, that liquor of life

Now no excuse be needed to hit up on the booze
Just pass me that bottle, thereís nothing left to lose
A day thatís not spent drinking is a day Iíll soon regret
Cuzí booze staves off the ghosts of things Iíd rather forget

At first it was a drink or two, now itís nine or ten
Iím awaiting the day that I wind up in the pen
For crazy things start happening when I drink on the sauce
I start working for the devil with a bottle as my boss

And then Iíll die a pauper layiní in a shallow grave
For Iíll spend every penny on the whiskey I now crave
The Bourbon, Canadian, Irish, and the Scotch
Tilí it chews up my liver and my brain starts to rot

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