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Thoughts of anger in my head in this town of living dead
I'm hanging from a hangman's thread inside of my own mind
On the road to god knows where which direction I don't care
Just to get away from here and leave it all behind

In this city there's nothing to do and the cops are always chasing you
Its full of people without a clue and money on their minds
Same thing every day theres really nothing left to say
I know that I can find a way to leave it all behind

I've packed up my bag and thrown it on my back
I'm off to far away far away from here
I strum my guitar as I'm rolling down the track
So long and farewell to all I'm never coming back

There's violence everywhere I go and the cops they run the show
And I just want to fucking know why society is so blind
We cant stand here and take this shit I'm getting fucking sick of it
And I just want to up and quit and leave it all behind

Dirty streets and dirty walls people living with nothing at all
It's our class that always takes the fall in the firing line
The whole world over it's the same the kids are looking for a change
Light the torch, ignite the flame, and leave it all behind


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