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Today Iíll be hung by the gallows at noon
For many they say my death canít come too soon
For a buccaneerís life is the one that Iíve led
Was wedded to freedom but today Iíll be dead

My ship was a schooner Empress was her name
We sailed for adventure, for fortune and fame
We raided the galleons and the ports and the town
But the navy lay lurking as we drank the rum down

They set fire to my ship, then my back met their whip
As they shackled me towards my doom
Then they imprisoned me here, Iíve waited a year
Now my dying day finally has come

Iíll be dancing the hempen jig today
For my crimes Iím about to pay
With a rope Ďneath my chin Iíll face death with a grin
And Iíll sway in the wind while the tideís rushing in
Iíll be dancing the hempen rope jig

At the trial I stood with the rest of my crew
And in our defense there was not we could do
For the charges were long against us buccaneers bold
The crimes of a lifetime full of thirsting for gold

There was mutiny, piracy, thievery and more
Since we pillaged and plundered the ports by the score
Weíd sacked every town and each port that we crossed
Taken their booty and left them to rot

There was fear in my gut as the jury stood up
Their verdict was not a surprised
Then the sentence passed down from the judge and the crown
With a cruel sort glint in his eyes


All those nights I spent drinking beneath the stars
Theyíve been replaced with chains and with bars
And my riches and fame have been taken away
And replaced with a dread for a buccaneerís life I have led

On the gallows I stand, soon Iíll take up deathís hand
Three times Iíll be washed by the sea
With my corpse bathed in tar Iíll serve warning to all
Deathís coming to pirates like me


I was free for so long but did too much shit wrong
Now the ropeís Ďneath my chin, take my final breath in
Iím dancing the hempen rope jig

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