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Gather Ďround children and hear what I say
Cuz your daddy is dying, and heís dying today
Well I know Iím a sinner, now my heartís sick with dread
That the Devilís come lurking, heís counting the breaths Ďtil Iím dead

Well trouble had chased me ever since I was young
But I never thought twice bout the things I had done
Now I lived a whole life full of sinning and booze
Evading the law man like thereís nothing, nothing to lose

Gather Ďround children and hear what I say
For the Devil is whispering too
Iíve spent all my years, now the timeís come to pay
So live strong and live true, or someday heíll come calling for you

Now I stand in the shadow of things that Iíve done
With my demons beside me and no place to run
And the ice fills my veins as I draw my last breath
So be wary, my children, to live a life you wonít regret

My soul has crossed over and screams fill my head
The tormented cries of unfortunate dead
Their choices were poor, and mine were the same
And now I must join them in burning in eternal pain

Swallowed in blackness and falling through fear
The laugh of the Devil so loud in my ear
Choking on smoke as my flesh burns away
The cost of my crimes is a terrible debt I now pay

Gather Ďround children and cry oíer my grave
Shed your tears at the toll of the bell
No peaceful long sleep will this wicked soul have
So live strong and live well, or like me youíll be burning in hell

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