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I woke up Friday morning with cheer in my heart
For when the work day’s over the weekend starts
Tomorrow I won’t have to wake with the sun
And instead of pounding nails I’ll be pounding cold ones

Now it’s five and I’m off the clock
With a grin on my face I take my first shot
The drudgery of the work week is past
So lay down your troubles and raise up your glass

As the moon’s coming up and the sun’s going down
Going out with my friends, going out on the town
Maybe to a pub, maybe to a show
I don’t really care, I just gotta go

So lay down your troubles, forget all your fears
To all ye ladies we’ll raise a cheer
And to all those by which we’ve been betrayed
May the devil take you and send your to your grave

Bring on the band, and bring on the night
We’re here to have fun and take our delight
We’ll sing and dance ‘til the night’s long gone
And we’ll keep on going on and on


May the bar that you lean on be made of stout oak
May you only breathe the finest smoke
May the beer that you drink be dark and strong
And may you and your family never come to wrong

May the life you lead never bring you pain
May the fire that keeps you warm never wain
May your pockets never empty, not now or then
And may I drink with you again

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