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It was six in the morning on the 23rd of June
At the breaking of the dawn and the setting of the moon
We charted course and set our heels toward the unknown
A rowdy band of rebels off a-rovin' far from home
One lad started puking five hours before noon
The rest of us knew that we'd be joining him soon
And as the journey ventured on the sunlight filled the sky
Til' we reached that rocky shore and kissed our sanity goodbye


So here's to adventure and the good times we had together
Here's to the danger and the freedom of it all
Here's to days that we spent livin' like there's no tomorrow
Here's to the next time I go drifting down the river once again

The waters were a-raging as we shoved off from the shore
Through rocky gorge and forest thick we kept pushing for more
Soon daylight turned to shadow and the bats took to flight
And we kept floatin' down that river under cover of night

The liquor started flowing, running, coursing through my veins
It put the warmth back in my heart and fever in my brain
So raise yer glass and take a shot, then come on back for more
Mixin' Jameson's and Guinness 'til that car bomb, it explodes


So here's to the bonfires that set me eyes and heart a-blazin'
Here's to the whiskey and the porter and the rum
Here's to the pipe that keeps on passing round the circle
And carries me to slumber where I'm drifting down that river in my dreams


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