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Hey, how are you, good to see you again
Its been a long time since weve spoken my friend
Lets head to the bar and Ill buy us some beers
Then raise up our glasses with a hearty cheers

Me and the boys are in town for the night
Since its such a short time lets do it up right
Tomorrow were driving four hundred more miles
Lets celebrate now with a toast and a smile

So the memories remain...

Now were off and traveling to our next show
And visiting friends in each place that we go
Ill fill up your glass, time for another round
Were building up bonds that will never break down

Remember how crazy it was the last time
All of the fun and the booze and the wine
So lets not hold back, we can drink to the dawn
A few hours later, were traveling on

But the memories remain...

The story repeats itself across the land
Making friends on the road, playing shows with the band
Though pictures may fade, were still brethren strong
And the times that we shared, they live on in this song

So this is a message to friends old and new
When we sing these words out were thinking of you
The laughter and stories resound in our hearts
Together inside even though were apart

And the memories remain...

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