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Living in the city, it gets me down
So sick of all the bullshit around
At the end of the day all I want to do
Is fuck everything up, don't care what or who

Boredom is everywhere, it's gonna win
We hold it off with the whiskey and gin
But drinkin' and sittin', it gets old too
So I've got a plan for what to do

Boots and bottles and boots and bottles
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Boots and bottles and boots and bottles
We're comin' down tonight

I want some action, I want some release
I want to crucify all the police
Am I going nuts or has the world gone to shit
There's not left to do but break windows with bricks

Stupidity's everyplace I fucking look
Grown weary of living my life by the book
But I found an answer since I heard the call
Started swinging a bat, now I'm having a ball


Gonna riot and fight, gonna light up the night
Gonna drink, gonna live, gonna die tonight!!!

I wanna riot and so do you
If you stand with me I'll see ya through
We'll run down the streets with bottles in hand
Watch out or you'll get thrown in the can

Burn the cop cars, make 'em run
Now we've finally having some fun
And it's to the barricades one and all
Let's watch the bastards as they fall


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