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Johnny was a punk rock lad who liked to drink a pint
Started drinking at noon and he wound up drinking all night
Johnny had a crew of mates who liked the brew as well
They always got so fucking smashed they'd wind up raising hell

One night when they ran out of ale, their thirst was gettin' mean
No money left, so Johnny thought he'd take one for the team

B double E double R U N
a beer run, a beer run
B double E double R U N
he's goin' on a beer run tonight

So Johnny hit some asian mart he'd ne'er been in before
He swaggered in, he grabbed a case, then bolted for the door
The clerk, she made a bold attempt to save the stolen brew
But Johnny ran his ass off down an alleyway or two

He sauntered in the party and his crew all gave a cheer
Because of Johnny's thievery they got to drink more beer


Based on his first success he thought he'd try another run
He liked the sense of danger, shit, he found it downright fun
Soon he'd hit up every mart that he could fucking find
How profitable it was for him to lead a life of crime

But one fateful night his karma bit him in the ass
He tried to beer run Safeway but the cops took him down fast
They put him in their shiny car, then threw him in the can
But you know when he gets out that he'll be doing it again


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