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You know the weekendís coming you can feel it in the air
The punx are lacing up their boots and charging up their hair
Debauchery will reign supreme, tonight itís going down
First weíre drinking in the park then weíre taking on the town

Itís the looks of disgust that are fueling our anger
So fuck you and your Lexus, you know youíre in danger

First youíre slamming down a forty, then you circle round the pit
Itís a night of drunken antics cuz you know that we donít give a shit
And then the cops appear and always try to ruin all our fun
Hey Mr. Fucking Pig, letís see how tough you are without your gun

Itís your fucked up disapproval thatís fueling our fire
And the city will burn watch the flames growing higher
Time for the punx to UNITE!

And now some punk kidís getting fucked with so its time to kick some ass
Our anthem is the sounds of boots, the ring of chains and breaking glass
We live our lives the way we want no fucking holding back
A mob of drunken punx out raising hell under a flag of black

Itís our strength in each other thatís driving our struggle
So fuck all your bullshit, weíll dance in the rubble
Time for the punx to UNITE!

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