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When I woke up I reached for a bottle
From that bottle I started to drink
Well I chugged it all down my gullet
And that bottle was gone in a blink

Cuz I love getting tossed in the morning
Fuckiní drinking all day and all night
When you slam down a beer and you grin ear to ear
And your brain starts to buzz and you feel alright

Well the weekendís here, so letís give a cheer
Weíve got alcohol let the good times roll
Itís eleven AM let the drinking begin
And we wonít fucking stop Ďtil we hit the floor

May the whiskey and beer keep on flowiní
And the gin and the ale and the rum
And weíll raise a glass to the good times past
And the times that are yet to come

When I woke up my head it was splitting
And my face was a pale shade of gray
Fucking sun is too bright, someone turn out the light
Iím in hell, someone please take the pain away

Now Iím puking all over the carpet
And thereís vomit all over the bed
Iím still shit hammered drunk and I smell like a skunk
And my eyes are all bloodshot and red

A few hours pass, and the pain donít last
So Iím back for more like a filthy whore
Fuckiní boozing again, may the fun never end
Itís the beer and the ale that Iím living for

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