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Hailing from Portland, Oregon USA, Rum Rebellion is a peppery mix of Oi!, punk rock, and Celtic influences served up to you with a distinctive pirate twist. Comprised of members whose past musical endeavors include All Worked Up, Unstable Youth, P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S., Fire At Will, and Heathen Shrine, Rum Rebellion has transformed from humble street corner busking roots into a widely known touring act. Our DIY attitude has powered us through endless shows and countless tours, and our dedication to bringing our best to every show has helped put the Pacific Northwest as well as our self-proclaimed Oi!Rish sub-genre on the map world wide.

Rum Rebellion began in 2005 with all-acoustic instrumentation and played sea shanties, jigs, and reels. The band's namesake reflects the historical feel of the band's conception - The "Rum Rebellion" was an actual historical conflict in New South Wales territory of Australia, brought on by the governor's desire to eliminate the use of rum as a trading and purchasing commodity. To bad the people, including the army, didn't like that idea.

Within a year the band added bass and drums and began writing it's own tunes. Electric guitar joined the mix soon after, opening the door to bring a more street punk and Oi! edge to the sound. And now, after ten years, four albums, and over 1,000 shows, Rum Rebellion is a national touring act who travels across the country annually. While often touring solo, Rum Rebellion has also toured with other well-known bands including Opposition Rising, Krum Bums, and Mickey Rickshaw. Festival credits include Punk Invasion 2K17 (Santa Ana CA 2017), Day of Chaos Fest (Denver CO 2016), Punk Island Fest (New York NY 2015), and multiple appearances at Libertatia Fest and NW Folklife.

"I have listened to a lot of punk rock over the years and I am not easily impressed with a lot of the newer bands, who seem to be mainly generic hardcore and tributes to bands from the early 80’s,” continues Counter Culture. “There are few bands who have come along in the late 90’s and after 2000 who I felt were original or really had that genuine quality about them. Rum Rebellion is one of them.”

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