1/27/2017 - w/ Hammered Grunts & Guests @ the PARIS THEATRE!!!

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Lots have things have been happening in the personal lives of Rum Rebellion. Needless to say, we are well rested now, and will be working relentlessly for our New Years Eve show, the first NYE show and local Portland show we've had booked in a minute!
As you may of or may not of heard, we recently recorded a Pogues cover to be presented on a Pogues Tribute compilation from Russia. The album is 27 covers all Pogues song, featured by celtic rock bands all around the world. The track we decided to cover was the song Boat Train, off the Pogues' album Peace And Love. Due to difficulties with the rights to the Pogues songs, the album is available for FREE through digital download only, through Bandcamp. You can see the track listing and download the album HERE, and also check out this rad review of the album that features us, HERE!
A Tribute To The Pogues!

Our newest music video "United", the first song off of our newest album is now available for viewing! Big thanks to Blaine Bailey for doing this amazing video for us, to BlankTV for premiering it, and to all the PDX Punks & Skins & Family for being a part of this awesome video, and amazing experience!! CHEERS!!
We have been very busy learning and teaching the newest member songs and additions for our St. Patricks Day 2017 set! Stay tuned for more news and upcoming winter shows, and be prepared for the best Rum Rebellion St. Patricks Day celebration you've ever seen!!!