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We are proud to announce our summer tour dates! We will be covering some area's we haven't been to in atleast two years within the United States, and we are severely privledged to announce that the mighty Opposition Rising from Boston will be joining us on the lot of this SW USA tour! If yer town did not make the list, we severely appologize. It has been tough times for Rum Rebellion recently, and we give you our word that we are doing our best to do the best we can with visiting cities we haven't visited in awhile, and as well as the usual cities along this route that are always solid!
Next year we are aiming for Europe!!! We are making this happen! See our Facebook page and Shows section for this summer's tour info and event pages, and if you would like to help us with Europe booking please contact us via e-mail or FB! Promoters save this high res venue version of the tour poster to the right! Cheers with lots of beers!!!
Rebellion Rising 2k17 Tour Flyer!

The NEW T-Shirt design's we promised you are now available through our MERCH section of this website! As you can see to the left, you've got yer new Take To The Street's white on black, and the newest our Liquor of Life design on green! Get yer's today!! Stay tuned for new material, new shows to be released, and over all new Rebellion to keep you as well as us going strong!!