1/27/2017 - w/ Hammered Grunts & Guests @ the PARIS THEATRE!!!

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Lots of things to come for RR in the new year! The infamous PARIS THEATRE in downtown Portland has re-opened and is doing punk shows again. We will be playing the first punk show back as the Paris on January 27th with our long time comrades the Hammered Grunts! In february, we're opening for the legendary SHAM 69 at Dante's! The following weekend we take the stage in Bremerton WA with D.O.A and MDC! Then in March we will be performing at our annual St. Patricks Day blow-out at Ash St. this year with our friends Wages of Sin from Seattle, then the next night we will be returning to Seattle to share the stage with them on their home turf at the High Dive. Lots of good times and performances to come! Stay updated by checking our Facebook and Shows section on the website!
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Our 2017 Show Schedule

Our newest music video "United", the first song off of our newest album is now available for viewing! Big thanks to Blaine Bailey for doing this amazing video for us, to BlankTV for premiering it, and to all the PDX Punks & Skins & Family for being a part of this awesome video, and amazing experience!! CHEERS!!
We have been very busy learning and teaching the newest member songs and additions for our St. Patricks Day 2017 set! Stay tuned for more news and upcoming winter shows, and be prepared for the best Rum Rebellion St. Patricks Day celebration you've ever seen!!!